To Be or Not To Be

I was thinking this morning about the different ways we can view and face our disabilities and what the “best” way to do that is. In my mind, there seem to be 2 schools of thought on the topic. School #1 calls for accepting that we’re different and embracing that we’re not like everyone else. … More To Be or Not To Be

The Unhot One

“Why date me anyway when you can date a girl that’s much hotter than me and doesn’t have a disability? Happens time and time again no matter what issues the guy might have. I don’t know why I even bother.” This was a text I sent to my friend this morning whilst (clearly) having a … More The Unhot One


I had another “aha” moment tonight and it revolved around the word “should.” It’s such an interesting word isn’t it? It’s not I can or I will. It promotes no action whatsoever. It’s more like “yeah, maybe I’ll get around to it,” or that might be ok. Another thing it’s very powerful at doing in … More "Should"