Awesome Blogs

These are some of the great blogs I’ve found and follow in this great thing known as the blogosphere:

Sidewalks and Stairwells – An extremely thoughtful and eloquent blog by Chris Anselmo as he comes to terms with the onset of MD and its symptoms as a young man

Adventures of Lexie – If you’re a single gal, if you cook, if you love travel, if you just want something great to read you can relate to, this is the blog for you

Vy Loves to Eat – I might be slightly biased because Vy is a friend of mine but she writes great pieces on yummy foods from all across the country

When Strangers Kiss – Undoubtedly one of my favorite blogs, period. Relatable, funny, witty and something all us single gals will love.

Taylored Photo Memories – A great photographer located in Las Vegas. She does great work so check out her blog!

Mango Mornings – Some great tales from my friend Liana of her experiences moving from the US to the Philippines with her husband

The Happiness Project – A great book and blog written by Gretchen Rubin about completing our own life-long happiness project

Tiny Buddha – Awesome collection of inspirational quotes and stories to help you deal with just about any life situation. I read it daily.

Myopathy Musings – An honest and entertaining blog by Katie Kennedy who also has muscular dystrophy

One Thousand Single Days – Quite possibly some of the best blogs I’ve ever read on life, love, relationships and compassion from Vanessa in Australia

3 thoughts on “Awesome Blogs

  1. Hi there – thanks so much for the mention! I’ll surely return the favor once I put up a page like this. I love your inspirational posts….so keep it up! 🙂

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