On Being Tired

I’ve been really angry and unsettled lately and I can’t really pinpoint why. Actually, I think I can…I just can’t seem to shake it. I’ve hit kind of a life wall. I’m tired of dealing with inconsiderate people on a daily basis. People who seemingly couldn’t give two shits about me or other disabled people … More On Being Tired

On “Special”

There’s a new series on Netflix called┬áSpecial. It’s created, written by, and stars an actor named Ryan who actually has CP (cerebral palsy) in the show and in real life. That fact alone is extremely refreshing in an industry where disabled parts are all too often played by able-bodied people. It chronicles Ryan’s life as … More On “Special”

On Perceptions

Life with a disability for me has largely felt like living at the mercy of someone or something else. I’m constantly at the mercy of my body and whatever it decides it wants or doesn’t want to…what it can or can’t do. I’m at the mercy of the stereotypes and skepticism that society and people … More On Perceptions