On Perceptions

Life with a disability for me has largely felt like living at the mercy of someone or something else. I’m constantly at the mercy of my body and whatever it decides it wants or doesn’t want to…what it can or can’t do. I’m at the mercy of the stereotypes and skepticism that society and people … More On Perceptions

On High School

I always thought if I just had one day to go back in time to when I was in high school (knowing everything I know now in my 30s), I would cope so much better. I wouldn’t care about being popular. I wouldn’t be so self-conscious. I would go up and talk to guys without … More On High School

On 2019

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less and less interested in making New Year’s resolutions and starting off the year with all of these goals and things I want to achieve. I like the idea of it a lot. A fresh start. A new year to be better and do better. But ultimately, year after … More On 2019

On Using a Wheelchair

With my type of muscular dystrophy, I’ve never had to use a wheelchair before. I had various types of leg braces, crutches and walkers growing up but until last month, had never used a full on wheelchair before. Before I went on Christmas vacation, I slipped in the shower. Something I’ve only done one other … More On Using a Wheelchair

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma, This Christmas will be my first without you. Last Christmas was the last time I saw you. When you told me to pick out some of your jewelry and I told you no, that there would be plenty of time for me to do that. But you insisted. Somehow I think you knew. … More Dear Grandma

On Failure

Failure has never been an option for me. While there’s all these feel-good, positive sayings about what we can gain from failure and mistakes in life, I’ve never felt like those apply to me. I can’t fail. I can’t fail because if I do, it means all the things I believe about myself are true. … More On Failure