On Failure

Failure has never been an option for me. While there’s all these feel-good, positive sayings about what we can gain from failure and mistakes in life, I’ve never felt like those apply to me. I can’t fail. I can’t fail because if I do, it means all the things I believe about myself are true. … More On Failure

On Being Me

I haven’t been very happy with myself lately. I’m not happy with my body or the weight I’ve gained. I look back at old photos and I don’t wish I was the 90-98 lbs I was for a lot of my youth because that was too skinny (hence why I’m now addicted to fast food … More On Being Me

On What to Say

I’ve noticed over the years that sometimes people don’t always know what to say when you, as a person with a disability, are frustrated with said disability and need to vent about it. I totally get it. People want to say the right thing. They don’t want to be offensive (with the exception of people … More On What to Say

On Standing

I’m surprised this isn’t a facet of my muscular dystrophy that I’ve covered before: how my legs feel when I’m standing. I thought about it the other night when I was with my friend, watching a band we like play. They were asking the crowd to jump up and down and bounce a lot…two things … More On Standing

On Swollen Limbs

Besides difficulties trying on pants, there are a lot of other “small” difficulties that come with having a disability. Another one for me, that developed later in my life, is having swollen limbs. If I sit too long at work, or especially on a plane, my feet swell up. If it’s really bad, my legs … More On Swollen Limbs

On Assistance Aids

I’ve always been pretty resistant to the use of assistance aids. Not because I think they’re bad or not useful or will draw attention to my disability. I know there are many things out there that I could potentially benefit from and I know many many people already are. A lot of people diagnosed with … More On Assistance Aids

On Good Fortune

I’ve always considered myself to be a rather unlucky person. Most of it stems from being born with a disability and yes, I know that’s not a healthy or positive way to look at being someone born with a disability. Unfortunately though, that’s how I looked at it for most of my life. And then … More On Good Fortune