Farewell 2016

2016 is coming to a close. There’s no doubt this has been a pretty awful year on many levels. Even in some personal ways, it hasn’t been stellar. I think people are forgetting what’s around the corner in 2017 though. I want to hold onto these last few hours we have of this year as … More Farewell 2016


If I could write a book entitled How to Prepare for Turning 30, here’s what it would say… I didn’t really think that when I got into my 30s, things would change quite so much as they have. I wasn’t that scared to turn 30. I didn’t feel that much of the “oh I’m now … More Ch-ch-changes

Moving Forward

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to talk about the election or not. There’s been so much coverage on it and I think we’re all more than a little bit tired of hearing about it. But the results have been important especially for those of us who are female and disabled and this is a … More Moving Forward


There are 3 words that as of late, my relationship has changed with a bit. Disability This is a word I used to dislike. I wanted to use “handiable” or “differently abled” (I still don’t mind that one so much) as a way to put a more positive spin on a word that implies inability … More Nomenclature