Dating & 2018

It’s kind of funny that the word “dating” is in my blog title since it’s rapidly becoming a topic I talk about so little. Right before the New Year, I got an email from Hinge, one of the many online dating apps I’ve tried over the years, asking me to come back. It’s actually one … More Dating & 2018


As I lie here awake at 10:45 on a Saturday night (this is how you know you’ve passed the age of 30 by the way, when that feels late on a weekend), I’m stewing about a dream I had last night. I don’t want to wake any of my friends up by texting them about … More Dreams


17. No this isn’t the number of the bottles of beer on the wall. It’s not the age I was when some particularly momentous occasion happened. It’s not my lucky number. 17 is the number of times I’ve been rejected by a guy since I was in high school…that I can remember anyway. I was remembering … More 17

The Unhot One

“Why date me anyway when you can date a girl that’s much hotter than me and doesn’t have a disability? Happens time and time again no matter what issues the guy might have. I don’t know why I even bother.” This was a text I sent to my friend this morning whilst (clearly) having a … More The Unhot One

I Quit?

I don’t really know why but I’m generally not one of those people who “won’t give up without a fight” or who sticks with something until it works out. I am fully able to quit and walk away from things I think I just won’t be able to accomplish (in my personal life of course, … More I Quit?

Dear Dating:

Please consider this as my official resignation. I am no longer interested in being involved with your organization. I am tired of being the girl that has something that a complete stranger has to decide if he’s equipped to “deal with” when I didn’t ask to be born with it. I no longer want to … More Dear Dating:

Dancing with Myself

Dancing has always been a very strange and very symbolic thing for me. It’s one of those things I just don’t really enjoy doing. I’m not sure if it’s just because of my disability or not. There’s been times when I’ve just let go and danced before but sometimes (more often than not), I just … More Dancing with Myself

To Be Honest

Here is a blatantly honest fact about me: I’ve been single for 6 years now. Yep…6. This is something I’m trying to get more used to saying out loud and openly admitting. I don’t even like to say “admitting” because that makes it sound like something I should be ashamed of. Yes, sometimes I don’t … More To Be Honest