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The subject line of this blog might indicate some kind of metaphorical allegory of some kind but nope, it’s really just about the library. My love of libraries specifically.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been excited about books. As a kid, there were exactly 3 occasions in a year that would make me indescribably excited: 1) Christmas, 2) My birthday, and 3) The school Book Fair. Yes, just the memories alone of those days where one of the classrooms would be converted into a room full of books we could buy (or had ordered out of the super cool catalog ahead of time) makes me giddy to this day.

I can thank my mom a lot for this. She always encouraged my reading/love of books and when we would go to visit my grandma in Texas, I remember many trips to the library (our friends out there were conveniently also librarians). I remember picking up Judy Blume and not being able to wait to crack it open so I would start reading it in the backseat of the car. I loved the feel of the due date slips in my hands (that also made convenient bookmarks). I remember wanting to check out anything and everything. The satisfaction of looking up your book in the card catalog (Google it all you youngins) and then searching the aisle for it, your eyes finally coming in contact with the colorful spine…there’s nothing like it.

I was in summer reading programs with the library. I remember going all the time to local library with my mom and scanning the New Arrivals section she always loves to look at first before wandering off to the kids’ section to look for a few of my own to check out.

I love everything about libraries, right down to the smell. I even like the feel and noise the plastic makes they use to protect the books with. As we move into an ever-growing technological age, with the ability to buy any kind of book on Amazon, I worry for the security of libraries. No matter how many books you have on your Kindle or can buy online, there’s nothing that can replace a library. Standing in a building that offers infinite knowledge and offers it to anyone who has an address they can get a library card with. Not everyone can afford to buy books or a Kindle so it offers such an amazing opportunity for everyone to learn. We all deserve to be able to crack open a good book or have access to endless knowledge.

So I thank you libraries for all the learning you’ve given me and all of the great memories. I hope each of us can do our best to keep you going so future generations can continue enjoy all of the awesomeness you have to offer.

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