If I could write a book entitled How to Prepare for Turning 30, here’s what it would say…

I didn’t really think that when I got into my 30s, things would change quite so much as they have. I wasn’t that scared to turn 30. I didn’t feel that much of the “oh I’m now 30 and still single” and I certainly didn’t feel my biological clock ticking. It just felt like another birthday for the most part.

But here I am, a few years in, and things have definitely been in a state of constant ebb and flow. My body being the first thing to really shift gears, as I’ve mentioned before. I never would have anticipated that when the clock struck midnight on my 30th birthday my body would all of a sudden thought to itself “ok, time to just totally stop functioning properly now.” People start passing away at what feels like an extremely rapid pace. You start to remember all of you most fond childhood and teenage memories in this weirdly vivid way. Your relationships with people start to change. Maybe people you were once really close with, you aren’t anymore. Maybe you’ve fallen out of touch with people. Maybe there’s people you start to realize you just have no interest in talking to or seeing anymore. Conversely, there may be some new people that come into your life that affect it in such an awesome and positive way. Maybe you reconnect with an old friend. The world starts to feel like it’s changing all around you super quickly too. Sometimes in a profoundly good way, sometimes in a very not-so-good way.

So there’s some bad, yes, but there’s definitely a lot of good. You hear it from a lot of people and I’ve certainly seen evidence of it in people of a certain age but the older you get, the more you change, the less of a shit you give. You start to realize what’s truly important and what’s not. You slowly stop letting people’s opinions inform who you are. You get less afraid to be imperfect and mess up sometimes. So even though I’ve hated my body a good portion of this decade in my life, for the rest of the things I’ve gained…I’ll take it.

photo credit: Charos Pix Number 30, but maybe… via photopin (license)

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