Facebook Challenge: Complete

So I successfully completed my Facebook challenge. Didn’t sign on once and surprisingly, I think there was maybe a millisecond where I was tempted to sign on. As soon as I logged off last Sunday at 5pm, I actually felt an immense sense of relief that’s hard to fully put into words. I became so reliant on sharing details of my life with people, hoping they would “Like” it or think “wow, look at all that fun stuff Jackie is doing” so I would somehow feel like a worthwhile human being, but when I took that out of the equation,  I actually felt release and relief because everything I was doing could just be mine again, if that makes any sense. I didn’t feel like I had to share it with everyone so I really just enjoyed what I was doing instead. I found myself much less attached to my phone in general too.

In terms of other people, I did miss seeing the updates from some people but for the most part, I could get in touch with anyone I needed or wanted to via email or via phone so it wasn’t like I was cut off from the world. I was just cut off from the Facebook world.

As I said in my initial post, I will never probably be off of Facebook totally. I like to see what my family is doing in other states and I think it serves its purpose in keeping us connected. I also love it as a tool for my blog. I think I really learned a lot about myself and how I use it this week though…how I will be using it in the future. The week break really changed my whole outlook on the site, as silly as that might sound. I almost wanted to stay off Facebook for another week, maybe even a month. I don’t think I’ll set up an actual “challenge” like this again, but I definitely foresee myself posting a lot less in the future.

This really was a great week. By being disconnected I actually felt more connected, especially with myself, which was what I was hoping to accomplish to begin with. I think my overall relationship has actually changed with Facebook (does that call for a Facebook Relationship Status change? 🙂 ), but only time will tell.

So here goes nothing…back on Facebook for the first time in a week!

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