Positivity Project – Day 9

Rifle Paper 1

I love office products. Like really love them. Post-its, pens, pencils, notebooks and don’t even get me started on planners. Holy crap do I love planners. I look forward to the end of the year not because of Christmas (ok that too) but because of my ability to buy a new planner for the upcoming year.

This year I got a little ahead of schedule thanks to a sale and a coupon and already ordered my 2017 planner (along with an adorable To Do notepad). There’s a great company called Rifle Paper Co. that makes a wide assortment of adorable office products all made out of recycled paper and made in the USA. I really can’t stress just how adorable everything they make is either.

Now at this point you may be wondering why the heck I’m so attached to office supplies. I don’t know the exact reasons but I do know I love being organized. I love To Do lists, I love writing stuff down and I love having a calendar to show me all of the fun (and even work related) things I have to do. I think in some ways it makes me feel adult. I also love the feeling of having a productive day and pens, pencils, notepads, and planners are all tools that help me do that.

I hope you all have some little things like this you love that you make you happy and bring you joy.

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