I’m Tired Of…

  • A really good day being followed by an equally crappy one
  • People not treating me the way I treat them
  • Getting so angry when the above happens
  • Trying to eat healthy, trying to be healthy and constantly being told from the world how I need to do that
  • Trying the above yet I still have a fat stomach
  • Good things seeming to last a millisecond then get taken away
  • The fact I’m even writing this blog or feeling this way
  • Walking out into the world and not being able to relate to about 95% of it
  • Walking out in the world scared and defensive because I don’t know what crap related to my disability I’m going to have to deal with that day
  • Not knowing how to exist in the world as a disabled person
  • Living in a world where I know there’s some things I’ll never be able to see or do. Places I’ll never be able to travel to.
  • Not knowing how to deal with being a walking target for someone to harm me every single day
  • Getting mad at myself for not being happy every day. I do all this work on myself…why isn’t it working?
  • Feeling utterly overwhelmed by all of the above
  • Throwing myself a giant pity party like I just did when there are people with real issues in the world

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